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Needlecrafts Bank
Needlecraft Pals

You may be asking "What is a Needlecrafts Bank?" Well, Needlecrafts Bank is a "bank" were you can donate needlecraft-related items. These items will be used for contest, charities or in a special occasion.

You can donate anything like:

- Crochet/Knit or any Needlecraft Pattern Books or Magazines
- Hooks
- Thread skeins
- Yarns skeins
- USA unused stamps
- Money
- All ready made Items

Everything that you sent to the Needlecrafts Bank will be gladly received; and you'll have a "Honor Place" in our Web Site!


The Contribuitor of the Month is:

Hope Green

She sent for our Needlecrafts Bank:

- Over 100 antique newspaper clips with needlecrafts patterns.

If you want to contribute with the Needlecrafts Bank send an e-mail to: